Tommy Cooper - Engineer                        Mark Pucci - Media

Johnny Sandlin – Engineer                      Flournoy Holmes - Art

Donnie McCormick - drums, vocals      Jay Platt - drums

Chris Long - bass, vocals                        Mohamed Rehim - drums

Bill Stewart – drums                                 TJ Jackson – drums, vocals

Spider Webb – drums                               Michael  Danielson-bass                                                                                                                                                                                             

John Fountain –bass                               Rick Oaks - drums

JD DeHart – drums                                      Doug Burger - bass

Steve Hawkins – drums, vocals              Sandra Hall - vocals

Danny Joe Southern – bass                    Roger Agerton - bass

Buddy Carvalho - bass, vocals               Michael Feldman - harp

Ned Cullin - keyboards

Tom Grose – keyboards



-A few incredible musicians that would often just stop out and join us on stage:

Barry Richman – guitar                           Little Brother - guitar

Nick Longo – baritone sax

Oliver Wood – guitar



-Some friends that offer moral support and good karma !

Michael Bounds                                       Col. Bruce Hampton

The “Tweaker” /  Mark Evans


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